Why Choose Kaz

Our branding is so good people see us and immediately think Kaz!

Creating, evolving and maintaining a brand for Kaz Design Works was very important to our success. We wanted to ensure our brand was recognizable and memorable and in just over two years, Kaz Design Works became a recognizable brand in the Tri-Cities business community.

We received proof of the quality of our branding at the Chamber Regional Tradeshow in September 2010. On seeing owner Karen Coleman, a visitor exclaimed “Your branding’s so good, as soon as I saw you, I thought Kaz!”

Creating, evolving and maintaining your brand is important to us too!

Your company’s brand means everything to the success of your business. Your customers get to know your company through its branding and as you build a relationship with them they learn to trust what your brand represents. They in turn refer you to new clients and your brand becomes more familiar, resulting in the success of your company.

Your corporate identity is an important marketing tool that needs to be maintained throughout your print material and on the web, no matter what size your business. With experience in both graphic design and website design, Kaz Design Works is able to help you create, evolve and maintain your company image online as well as in print.

A wide range of experience and skills are key to maintaining your brand identity in all your marketing material

We have almost 20 years of graphic design experience in the publishing industry and can manage both small and large projects, from business cards and flyers to multi-page publications and banner signs.

Not only that but we also have several years experience in website design which means we can help you create, evolve and maintain your company image online as well as in print.

In addition to our wide range of graphic design services, which include ad design, page layout and project management, we also offer a variety of website design services, including design, CMS customizations and updates.

Whether you just need help finishing off a flyer you already started, want several creative designs in various formats or are looking for someone to manage the entire production of a large publication, Kaz Design Works can help you achieve your goal(s).

Our versatility means we can create a wide variety of print material and, if you need to gain or enhance your web presence, whether it’s a brand new website or just a web graphic to complement your print material, we can do that too!

We want to be part of your company’s success

We want to be a part of your company’s success by helping your business evolve. We want to be the number one graphic and website company that you can always rely on for all your marketing material design needs. And we hope to always exceed your expectations.

How will we do this? By providing a diverse range of graphic and website design services, employing high standards of professionalism, creativity and accuracy, and by producing the highest quality designs for all your marketing material.

We always aim to get the job done right, on time and on budget so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

And after working with us, you will say we are part of your company’s success.

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