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A Unique Static Brochure-style Website to showcase your products and/or services »

If you want to promote your business online but want potential clients to contact you or visit your location for more information about your services or to purchase products, and you don’t have time to add your own content then a static, brochure style website is the way forward.

If you don’t need to frequently update your content or you don’t have time to edit your own content, you can use a static website for:

  • Promoting your company, organization or association online
  • Showcasing past work, accreditations and experience
  • Providing general information about your products and services
  • Including links to other resources, images or newsletters
  • Providing contact information and your location

If you need a static website, Kaz Design Works can help you achieve your goal.  Contact us for a quote now, or open more panels to see the additional features we can create to enhance your static website.

Customized CMS, Blog or Biz Directory enabling you to manage your own content »
Homepage of HelpMePC website created by Kaz Design Works in 2010 using WordPress.

Homepage of HelpMePC website created by Kaz Design Works in 2010 using WordPress.

If you need to add new pages to your website on a regular basis or would just prefer to update your own content, a content managed (CMS) website may be the right option for you.

Use CMS software for your website if you need to add content on a regular basis and one or more of the following apply:

  • You don’t know html and don’t own offline web editing software
  • Your web host does not provide WYSIWYG web editing of static pages
  • You can’t afford to pay a website designer for regular updates
  • Your website needs to include a member’s directory or similar database
  • You want to add articles to your website that can be easily archived

Most web hosts offer packages that include CMS software (such as Joomla! and Drupal) that enable you to create new sections, sub-categories and pages as well as choose which menus and content appear in each section or on individual pages.

If you already have a website but want to start adding articles, another alternative, similar to CMS, is a blog, such as WordPress, which can be customized to match your website. Again, most web hosting packages include this option.

And if you need a business directory, real estate directory or other database driven website, we know a very affordable source for out-of-the-box software or can source the right software for you.

Before making your choice, compare prices and other features offered by your web host.
Even if they don’t offer CMS, a number of OpenSource websites offer it “FREE” as a download. It can then be installed on your web server provided your hosting plan is enabled to use a database and the same scripting program (PHP or ASP). Again we recommend you check hosting plan options before making any decisions.

Most CMS, blog and other database driven software packages include customizable templates that Kaz Design Works can customize to create a unique look to your website. We can also help you install the software and set-up the sections and pages.

Stand out from the crowd. Call or email Kaz Design Works now to have your CMS website customized.

Customized eCommerce (Shopping Cart) or buy-now buttons for your web store »

Selling products and services online has never been easier. If you want to offer your clients the option to pay online for the products or services you offer, we can easily add buy-now buttons to your static website, that, when clicked, take your customers to a secure payment site, such as PayPal, ClickBank or Indiepool.

But, what if you want to sell hundreds of products with a constantly changing inventory? Most web host providers offer upgraded hosting packages that include customizable eCommerce software enabling you to sell thousands of items, all in a secure environment.

Kaz Design Works can create a static website unique to your business that acts as your searchable landing page(s) and customize the template supplied with the eCommerce package to match. And if you need help configuring your shopping cart software we can help with that too. Contact us for more information now!

Creative Web Graphics to enhance the look of your website »
  • Page Header
  • Background Schemes
  • Navigation Menu Bars
  • Buttons and Links
  • Information Boxes
  • Tables and Forms
  • Photo Effects
  • Image Optimization
  • Animations

STOP procrastinating! Click to GO forward and arrange for your professional website design, NOW!Does your website look boring?

If you’re tired of the way your website looks and need to dress it up with a few photos, a new page header or background graphics, we can create new graphics to enhance its look.

Go get your professional website design from Kaz Design Works now.We can apply effects to your photos, optimize your images for the web, create unique clickable buttons or convert existing artwork from your print material for use on your website.

Email us with your requirements NOW!

Interactive Website Features to enhance your visitors’ experience »
  • Dropdown Menus
  • Collapsible Panels
  • Accordian Panels
  • Tabbed Panels
  • Gallery Slideshows
  • Mouse Over Images
  • Text & Image Scrollers
  • Flash Flip Book

Read the benefits of Flash Flip Books »

Reduce endless page scrolling

If your visitors have to scroll endlessly to get to the section they want to read, you may want to consider moving some of your content to new pages within the same section. To help your visitors navigate easily to these new pages, or if your menu bar seems like an endless list at the side of the page, consider converting it to a drop down menu.

Other alternatives to reduce the length of your pages and the amount of scrolling is to contain your content in collapsible panels, tabbed panels and accordian panels, like the ones seen on our website.

And if your visitors need to scroll through what seems like an endless number of images or your photo page takes a long time to load, consider adding roll over images icons, add pop-ups to view larger versions or have a slide show gallery.

We can create all these features for you and integrate them into your existing website or include them in a new website design. They will enhance not only your website, but your visitors experience on your website.

Call or email now to discuss the features you need for your new or existing website.

Creative media for online advertising »
  • Static Banner Ad
  • Animated Banner Ad
  • Flip Catalogue
  • Downloadable PDF Brochure
  • Online Coupon
  • Downloadable PDF Form
  • Slide Show
  • Photo Gallery
  • Flash Animation or Ad
  • Flash Photo Album
  • Hyperlink Graphics
For small businesses, particularly start-ups, we don’t recommend websites that are entirely created using Flash, because, as well as being expensive, they do not contain text based content that search engine spiders and robots read when they index websites. They are also slow to load particularly if your visitors do not have hi-speed connections.

However, if you would like to enhance your visitors’ experience on your website, you can add Flash banners, ads or photo albums in place of static images, roll over images or animated gifs on some of your pages, to showcase past work, photography or artwork that you’ve created.

We can either design one of the media items from the list on the left using photos and text supplied by you, or we can embed or attach your previously created files on your website.

Call to discuss your creative media options.