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Need a graphic designer who can handle the BIG projects as well as the smaller ones?If you’ve been spending vast sums of money on print brochures, we can convert your brochure to a flip catalogue or downloadable PDF and add it to your website. Not only will it save you money on print and distribution costs but it will be available to potential customers 24-7-365!

We'll design your print brochure, convert it to an online flip catalog AND create your website, too!View a demo of a flip catalogue here »

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Take advantage of the internet: Enhance your web presence with some creative web graphics and online media. You'll save money too!

Hyperlink created for Balancing ElementsWith the ever-increasing popularity of the internet as a means of searching for products and services combined with today’s economic climate reducing your advertising budget, it makes sense to use the internet to your best advantage.

Whether you need graphics to add to your current website, banner ads designed for a number of website directories, a hyperlink from a supplier’s website to yours, or background and header graphics as part of your new website design, Kaz Design Works can help. Click below to see what we offer.

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Enhance your website with graphics for these items

  • Page Header
  • Background Schemes
  • Navigation Menu Bars
  • Buttons and Links
  • Information Boxes
  • Tables and Forms
  • Photo Effects
  • Image Optimization
  • Animations

Need to mprove the look of your static website?

Want to enhance your visitors’ experience?

Does your website look boring? We can create new graphics to enhance the look of your website, apply photo effects and optimize your images for the web, or we can convert existing artwork from your print material for use on your website.

Whether your current website looks boring or you’ve just decided it’s about time to gain yor web presence, we can create a variety of web graphics to enhance your visitors’ experience on your website.

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