File formats and Image Specs

Accepted file formats for your website’s content

We accept editorial content for your website in Word, Publisher or email. You can also send an unformatted version of your text in Notepad or Wordpad. The unformatted version eliminates any additional coding that may affect the validity of the html code.

You may include images in your document for layout purposes, but please send the image files separately with an appropriate filename. We prefer that you do not send images/photos labelled pic1, pic2, or image1 image2, etc., as this means we will have to rename them.

Image specs for website designs

The image resolution for web images is 72 dpi. We optimize all images for the web which reduces the file size so they load quickly. However, where possible we use the high or max quality setting. All images for the web are cropped or resized in PhotoShop and, with the exception of eCommerce shopping carts, used at 100% size.

Accepted File Formats

We accept all the same file formats as for print plus the following:

Photos: JPG, 24 bit PNG
Animations and clip art: Gifs
Images with graded transparencies: 24 bit PNG

Where possible, images and graphics you plan to use in your website should be sent in their original format especially if they need to be close cropped. There is no need to downsize them unless they are too big to send. We will crop and resize images as necessary.

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