Images for Print

Colour Mode for Print

The colour mode for images used in print is CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Images you scan or take with your digital camera use the RGB (red, green, blue) colour mode. We convert colour images for print to CMYK. Where possible, any logos and clip art used should be created in CMYK. Any black text below 18 pt the CMYK values should be 0/0/0/100 using black text. For anything over 18 pt, use 50/50/50/100. Most print jobs, will be printed using process colours, therefore any Pantone spot colours will be converted to process CMYK equivalents. Please note: print colours do not look the same on screen. If you need us to match a specific colour please provide us with the Pantone number or CMYK values.

What file type, resolution and size should your images be for print?

Images for print need to be the best quality possible! Enlarged, low quality or low res images will reproduce poorly. If in doubt, please send us your original digital photos, hi-resolution or print quality stock images, or hi-resolution scans – we can crop and reduce the size if we need to.

File type for print images:

  • Photos: Tiff or max quality JPG
  • Close-cropped photos: Photoshop EPS or PSD (include path)
  • Vector Art (logos, clip art): EPS, AI

Gif images are not suitable for print!

To ensure the best print results we use images at 300 or 400 ppi (pixels per inch) for glossy or large format printing and 170-200 ppi for news print.

Images need to be sent at the correct size or larger. Generally, JPG images are 72 ppi so will look bigger on screen than in print. Learn how to calculate image size.

Need images? Here’s a list of useful resources.

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