Website Design Tools

What are our preferred tools for website designs?

We use the following Adobe CS5 design programs for creating your website

  • Adobe Photoshop
    We create backgrounds, headers, custom menus, buttons and other graphics for your website using Adobe Photoshop. We also use it for cropping and resizing your photos, close cropping, enhancing and applying effects to images as well as for creating animated graphics (gifs)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
    We use Adobe Dreamweaver to create web standard web pages in (X)HTML with cascading style sheets (CSS), for customizing PHP in your content managed website,  and adding dynamic elements such as image galleries and content scrollers that require JavaScript
  • Adobe Illustrator
    Used for creating vector graphics for your website (such as logos) that you may need later in your print material
  • Adobe Flash
    Used for creating animated ads and banners
  • Adobe Contribute
    On some occasions, we may need to edit static page content directly online so we use Adobe Contribute.

We also use the following OpenSource tools:

  • WordPress
    For creating easy-to-use content managed websites. The simplicity of use enables our clients to easily add text and images and with the addition of a variety of plugins they can add a calendar, shopping cart and html or flash image galleries to showcase and sell their products and services.
  • Mootools
    For creating slideshows and image galleries in static websites
  • Joomla!
    For creating content managed websites. The interface is not as easy to use as WordPress but the capabilities are much greater.
  • osCommerce
    We use osCommerce to create shopping cart sites for clients who have a wide range of products and who need to integrate with a variety of payment and shipping methods.