Resources: Tidbits, Advice and Useful Information

Working with start-up businesses means a lot of clients don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer every time they need a flyer or poster but they still want them to look professional. We provide them with a solution. We design templates so all they need to do is add new content. But sometimes they just need some advice, or information, about the right images to use, how to crop and resize them, or how to create a PDF.

And when it comes to websites, a lot of business owners, who’ve finally decided it’s time to have a professional website designed, don’t know where to start and need all sorts of help. Sometimes all they need is help choosing their colour schemes while others need a source for images. And then there are those who don’t know what web content to include or where to go for web hosting.

A few months ago, we began gathering resources, compiling tip sheets and bookmarking our favourite websites so we could forward the information on to new clients as and when they need it. But, because each client is different, it is often time consuming to locate all the appropriate information, and our clients sometimes have to wait a day or two before we’ve gathered the information for them.

We decided it would be much more convenient for our clients if everything was available 24/7/365. So, we’ve added this resource section and have begun compiling articles, tips and links to help you plan and market your website, improve your writing, choose colours and images, and even learn the basics of HTML.

Whether you’re a returning client, or a completely new visitor to our website, we hope you find the resource section useful.