How we help you

Do your home-made brochures lack creativity and look unprofessional?

Do you spend hours struggling to make the text look consistent in your newsletters?

Do your photos look distorted, pixelated or down right boring?

You are not doing your company’s brand any justice, if your brochures lack creativity and are unprofessional. You’re not doing yourself any good if you get stressed trying to produce newsletters on your home computer with invariably the same unprofessional result.

If you are producing a large publication for your company you will want to maintain continuity, check layouts and text are consistent, and create a publication that is attractive and unique to ensure your publication conveys professionalism and stands out from the crowd.

You may think that using tools like Publisher and Word on your home computer will save you money when creating your publications, but in the long run you’ll lose money because they did not convey the professionalism your company should be known for. These tools lack the creative functions and precision needed to create unique, attractive and professional-looking publications.

If your brochures, flyers and newsletters look unprofessional potential customers will think your workmanship is unprofessional. Save time, money and energy by hiring a professional.

Kaz Design Works will put the creativity into your publications and give them the polished, professional look your company deserves.

Following are some of the desktop publishing tasks we can help you with.

Typesetting & Typography »

Almost everyone has access to computers and word processing software these days so most business owners are able to type their own documents and send them digitally ready for formatting in desktop publishing software. But what if your best ideas come when you’re away from your computer? Or you just don’t like computers? Don’t worry. With a typing speed of 70-words-per-minute, we’ll typeset your handwritten manuscripts or audio transcripts.

But there’s more to producing a professional document than just typing. Your text needs consistent headings, paragraph formatting, placement and styles. Checking for orphans, widows, excessive hyphenation and text overflow are just some of the other procedures we will carry out during the typesetting process.

Email us now if you need typesetting help.

Photo Enhancements/Close Cropping »

Have you ever found the perfect subject to use in your marketing material but didn’t want to include the background in the photo? Want to embellish your photos for a digital scrapbook, photo album or video montage but don’t know how?

If you don’t have the software or skills to close crop and enhance your photos, don’t worry. As well as basic cropping, resizing and colour corrections, using Photoshop we can help with other techniques, such as close cropping, photo enhancements, photo effects and artistic renderings to achieve the result you want. Contact us now.

Page Layout»

We specialize in page layout, crafting pages that are both attractive, aesthetic and professional. We are well versed in a variety desktop publishing applications enabling us to produce posters and one-sided flyers, single or double sided banner signs, or several page templates for large publications.

Kaz Design Works has all the desktop publishing skills and expertise to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.

Don’t spend countless hours producing amateur print material. Contact Kaz now to find out how your company will benefit from using an experienced desktop publisher.

Pagination »

Whether you need a single-page layout or a variety of layouts for a multi-page publication, Kaz Design Works has all the desktop publishing skills and expertise combined with the right tools for the job to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.

We can complete projects you have already started or we can produce your publication right through from concept to completion. Contact us now to find out how your company will benefit from using an experienced desktop publisher.

Project Management (concept to completion) »

As a skilled and experienced desktop publisher and using integrated design and layout software, Kaz Design Works is able to competently and efficiently manage the production of all your print projects from concept to completion.

Whether you have an idea for a new publication and need someone to manage its entire production or you would like to maintain your company’s image throughout all your visual communications, Kaz Design Works has the expertise to complete your projects on time and on budget.

Contact us for a quote now!

PDF and Digital Form Creation »

Give your visitors and clients value added services.

We can turn your flyers, and brochures into digital files so that you can make them available for your for visitors to your website to view, read, print and forward to potential clients.

We can make any presentational adjustments for a more professional look and will optimize the files for faster downloading. We’ll even password protect them to prevent copying and/or hi-res printing if needed.

Turn your knowledge into profit.

Offer your workshop handouts and presentations as downloadable digital files for visitors to your website who are unable to attend your workshops! Share your knowledge with visitors by offering downloadable manuals. We’ll convert your manual to a password protected PDF that you can sell online using your favourite online payment service.

Flash Flip Book Creation »

Save money on printing and distribution costs, reduce your carbon foot print and make your publications available to a wider audience and for a longer time.

We can turn your magazines, brochures, manuals, newsletters and manuscripts into digital flip books for your audience to read online at their leisure. And because we offer website design services too, we’ll even add it to a page on your website.

Learn more about the benefits of digital flip books »

We can arrange your printing and distribution for you* »

Need a printer for your print material but don’t have the time to arrange one?

Your publication is not complete until it’s been printed. When we complete your publication we will provide you with a hi-res print-ready PDF to the specifications of your printer. But if you don’t know a printer, we can arrange for quality printing through a local commercial web offset or digital printer that meets the specifications and budget of your project. We’ll even pick-up and deliver the print proof and finished product if required.

Need your flyers distributed? When you arrange for us to work on your flyers let us know your distribution requirements, and we can either recommend or arrange a distributor for you.

*These services are only available as part of your graphic design project.